Latest news:

13 February 2012
Lenes database is updated with 60 new persons and Joerns with 100.

16 July 2011
Two articles from the Danish page, Jørgen Taulov and Herman Reiminch are translated to English. There are small corrections to the article about Emigration and a passengerlist for Janette Vilhelmine and her family is attached.
Lenes database is updated with 141 persons and Joerns with 120.

30 May 2011
Joern found that the last of Rasmus Hansens daughters Janette Vilhelmine also travelled to USA, and therefore the article about Rasmus Hansen and the article about  Emigration are corrected.

5 April 2011
Small corrections are added to the article of Emigration.
Lenes database is updated with 148 new persons and Joerns database is updated with 135 new persons. Both databases are now readable in the Dynamic Family Tree format and in the Legacy format. We are sorry, the Legacy format is only in Danish.

19 June 2010
On our holydays at the island Bornholm we took a picture of a nice tree, and this tree is now used as background on the homepage. The text is put into boxes make it easier to read.
Lene's database is updated with 357 new persons and Jørn's is updated with 318 new persons.

28 September 2009
Lene's database is updated and transferred to Legacy homepage system. We are sorry, it is all in Danish, but we hope most of it is readable.

25 July 2009
We had a cruise on the Russian rivers, and we have put some photos on the homepage. The cruise was not a total success, we both suffered with a bad stomach, and Jørn spend the last two days at a hospital in Moscow.

23 January 2009
Jørns database is updated with about 150 new persons.

9 January 2009
Lenes database is updated with more than 600 new persons.

23 August 2008
The database is updated, and an article about Gomme Holgersen is added.
We had  a beautiful cruise to Greenland, and photos from that is on the homepage.

2 July 2008
We have posted a few new pictures of our grandchildren and photos from our holidays at the island of Bornholm last month.

16 April 2007
The photo album is updated with pictures from our holidays at the Faeroe Islands.
Sorry for the Danish subtitles at the pictures, but the pictures are international.

22 January 2007
A story is added about, how the name Joergen or George was inherited through 400 years in our family

9 December 2006
Our photo album with pictures of our grandchildren is now on this homepage.

26 October 2006
The news is, that part of our homepage now is in English.